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Modernizing your SecOps workflows with the right tools

Presenting a cloud-native SIEM for automatically triaging alerts, detecting threats across all your data sources, and speeding up incident investigations in your SOC.

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Cloud SIEM Solution

Easy-to-use cloud-native collection and threat detection for security professionals

Sumo Logic’s cloud-native SIEM automatically detects and correlates real-time threats and incidents across all of your cloud, on-prem, and hybrid cloud data sources. It also provides automated user, device, and network enrichments that enable your SOC team members to accelerate their investigations. All of this works seamlessly to secure your apps and data, gain threat visibility across your enterprise–regardless of location–and reduce, if not eliminate, alert fatigue for you and your team.

Cloud SIEM Solution

Identify insights and gain crucial context

“We’ve also used Sumo Logic dashboards to find the needles in the haystacks. I say haystacks, because it’s not just one haystack. That’d be too easy. Everything’s its own individual little haystack.”

The Clorox Company

Gary Conner

Senior Threat Protection Lead

Cut through the noise

Automatically triage and prioritize the security threats that matter most

Sumo Logic’s Cloud SIEM solution automates and streamlines security analyst workflows. Whenever a rule fires, it creates a Signal with a unique signature, a reference to an entity, and a severity score. Our Cloud SIEM also provides a powerful view back in time, evaluating all Signals associated with an entity up to the last 30 days. Based on the risk determined from a cluster of Signals, the Cloud SIEM automatically generates an Insight, which is a structured set of information optimized to accelerate alert triage. These Insights represent a sophisticated layer of analysis because our Insight Engine enables the Cloud SIEM to detect advanced threats and low & slow attacks, as well as higher-speed direct threats. The result is the surfacing and prioritization of critical threats while filtering the noise and false positives from countless daily alerts.

Cut through the noise

Eliminate security blind spots

Correlate threats across all of your on-prem and cloud environments

SecOps teams often experience blind spots caused by the limitation of their existing SOC tools which are unable to ingest logs and security events from all of their on-prem, hybrid, and cloud data sources. Sumo Logic provides cloud-native collection and detection capabilities across traditional on-premises sources and the new attack surfaces resulting from cloud adoption and digital transformation. Sumo Logic’s cloud-native platform enables you to ingest data easily, regardless of location, using our built-in integrations and library of 200+ apps which include pre-built dashboards and queries. Our Cloud SIEM solution automatically correlates threats across your different sources thanks to our rich out-of-the-box rules content. Sumo Logic’s Cloud SIEM solution provides the visibility and threat detection modern SOC teams require.

Eliminate security blind spots

Speed up investigations

Combat lost time due to manual workflows and legacy SecOps tools

When investigating threats to an organization, SOC analysts and IR teams are always working against the clock. Unfortunately, legacy SIEM tools and manual human processes often result in longer investigation and response times. Sumo Logic’s Cloud SIEM solution was built from the ground up to facilitate seamless collaboration for incident investigations between all of your colleagues. In addition, our Cloud SIEM automatically enriches the Insights it surfaces with crucial data to accelerate threat investigations, including user, device, and network traffic information. Sumo Logic’s cloud-native architecture enables you to rapidly run concurrent searches against large time periods of data with no performance impact to further speed your investigation workflow.

Speed up investigations

Hear from other security experts

The security team at The Clorox Company relies on Sumo Logic’s Cloud SIEM to reduce alerts, detect anomalies, and discover threats across multiple days and multiple systems.